la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

South of the town of Beni-Melal and the lake of Bin-El-Ouidane, near to the town of Tilouguite, the Michelin map of Morocco indicates “la Cathedrale (rochers)“.We were made curious by this indication on the map and went looking for the Cathedral.It turned out to be a very interesting and rough ride through the Atlas Mountains … Read more la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

Column in BIG-magazine

Pipeliner on Tour Until October 2019, I was an active member of the BIG, a Flemish-Dutch association of companies, institutions and persons who are professionally or commercially interested in the field of above and underground pipelines. I am still a member, but not so active anymore … However, the BIG has asked me to write … Read more Column in BIG-magazine

Making Pizza with Homemade Dough and Apple Yeast

When you don’t have the necessary ingredients and have plenty of time, you get creative making your own ingredients. This is how I made pizza in our camper-kitchen. Making the yeast I bought apples from the “vegetable man” that comes to our campsite twice a week, they were red skinned apples, that’s all I can … Read more Making Pizza with Homemade Dough and Apple Yeast

In the Newspaper: Stranded in the Desert

Last Friday, May 1, 2020, we were called by journalist Stella Marijnissen from BNDeStem and AD. We had a nice conversation with her via WhatsApp video calling and this is what she wrote: This is a link to the article: BN DeStem: Gestrand op een camping in de woestijn. Maar: hoe erg is dat eigenlijk? … Read more In the Newspaper: Stranded in the Desert