We will stay in Morocco

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What does Covid-19 do with our trip? In recent days we have received heartwarming and loving messages via Whatsapp and Facebook from concerned and involved friends and family. This is good for us... READ MORE

Beautiful Cities

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Culture and History We have said before that Marrakesh is too busy and too touristy for us. Fortunately, there are other Moroccan cities worth visiting. Fes, Meknès and Chefchaouen are located on the... READ MORE

Making Yogurt en Route

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In the morning we like to have breakfast with muesli or cruesli with yogurt, a tasty and healthy start to the day. However, (good) yogurt is not available everywhere. That’s why I decided... READ MORE

The Atlas

Driving in the High Mountains After the unforgettable journeys through the desert we now are in mountainous terrain. The desert unnoticed changes into the Atlas, the highest mountain range in North Africa with... READ MORE

A special hospitable encounter.

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In previous blogs we talked about the hospitality of the Moroccan population. The meeting we had in Jaffar was very special. A Berber-house On the way to Azrou we decide to take a... READ MORE

The Moroccan Sahara (2)

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Desert and Mountains As a result of our previous blog, I was reminded that the Sahara only starts south of Tan-Tan, I would like to believe that, but Google also gives various results.... READ MORE

The Morocan Sahara (1)

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A varied adventure Everything south and east of the Atlas Mountains is considered Sahara, the red sand dunes, but also the bare stone plains and the barren sea-dune landscapes of Plage Blanche. We... READ MORE