Greece | Our tour in short

Greece, our tour in short, in the following blogs we will discuss this overwhelming country thematically. The encounters, the nature, the roads and of course the history. We are traveling through Greece for a month in December and January. We choose to discover the mainland and the Peloponnese, the country surprises us on several aspects. … Read more

Albania, hospitable, off-road and continuation of the repair

Albania surprises us with its hospitable people, unpaved off-road roads and the continuation of the repair. It really is autumn here, it often rains and sometimes there is a strong wind. Nevertheless, on clear days we enjoy beautiful landscapes and surprising cities. Uncomplicated hospitality As soon as we enter Albania, we notice a different atmosphere … Read more

YouTube video: Winter Drone Video: 4×4 Overland Northern Europe

During our overland travels in Northern Europe in autumn and winter of 2021 and 2022 we made lots of drone footage. This is a selection of the drone videos we made while traveling. Autumn in the Netherlands and Scandinavia, winter in Norway, Finland, the Baltics and Iceland. And early spring in Iceland with spectacular footage … Read more