About us

We are Sonja and Gert Jan, we have decided to travel full-time, together with our sturdy Land Rover Defender camper. We are parents of 4 beautiful adult children, Michiel, Suzanne, Gerben and Rindert. We have been in love since April 1, 1981 … Sonja was originally a Dutch teacher and nowadays the co-driver and sometimes … Read more About us

Leaving Morocco after 28 weeks (video)

On Thursday 25th June 2020 we saw a Facebook message of the German embassy in Rabat that a ferry would be organised from Tanger-Med to Algeciras for German citizens. After contact with the Dutch embassy we managed to get on the list for the ferry of 3rd July 2020. We started travelling towards the north. … Read more Leaving Morocco after 28 weeks (video)

la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

South of the town of Beni-Melal and the lake of Bin-El-Ouidane, near to the town of Tilouguite, the Michelin map of Morocco indicates “la Cathedrale (rochers)“.We were made curious by this indication on the map and went looking for the Cathedral.It turned out to be a very interesting and rough ride through the Atlas Mountains … Read more la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

Column in BIG-magazine

Pipeliner on Tour Until October 2019, I was an active member of the BIG, a Flemish-Dutch association of companies, institutions and persons who are professionally or commercially interested in the field of above and underground pipelines. I am still a member, but not so active anymore … However, the BIG has asked me to write … Read more Column in BIG-magazine