Making Pizza with Homemade Dough and Apple Yeast

When you don’t have the necessary ingredients and have plenty of time, you get creative making your own ingredients. This is how I made pizza in our camper-kitchen. Making the yeast I bought apples from the “vegetable man” that comes to our campsite twice a week, they were red skinned apples, that’s all I can … Read more Making Pizza with Homemade Dough and Apple Yeast

In the Newspaper: Stranded in the Desert

Last Friday, May 1, 2020, we were called by journalist Stella Marijnissen from BNDeStem and AD. We had a nice conversation with her via WhatsApp video calling and this is what she wrote: This is a link to the article: BN DeStem: Gestrand op een camping in de woestijn. Maar: hoe erg is dat eigenlijk? … Read more In the Newspaper: Stranded in the Desert

Making Yogurt en Route

In the morning we like to have breakfast with muesli or cruesli with yogurt, a tasty and healthy start to the day. However, (good) yogurt is not available everywhere. That’s why I decided to make yogurt myself. In the beginning, during our last big trip in southern Africa, I made yogurt with a breeding package … Read more Making Yogurt en Route

The Atlas

Driving in the High Mountains After the unforgettable journeys through the desert we now are in mountainous terrain. The desert unnoticed changes into the Atlas, the highest mountain range in North Africa with peaks well over 3000 meters. This also means that the temperatures in this season, winter and early spring, especially at night, can … Read more The Atlas