Lecture, 6 special months in Morocco

In September we gave a presentation about our journey in and through Morocco, on September 1 and 3 in Etten-Leur and on September 16 in Bergen op Zoom. In total we were able to receive about 130 interested people. They were animated lectures, we, Sonja and Gert Jan, told enthusiastically about our adventures in Morocco, … Read more

We tell about our travels

Presentation in Etten-Leur: Traveling to the Horizon We, Sonja and Gert Jan have decided to make our life of our passion for traveling.With our Land Rover Defender camper, Milady Landy, we want to travel around the world and last year we made a trip through Southern Europe and Morocco.On September 1 and 3 2020, we … Read more

About us

We are Sonja and Gert Jan, we have decided to travel full-time, together with our sturdy Land Rover Defender camper. We are parents of 4 beautiful adult children, Michiel, Suzanne, Gerben and Rindert. We have been in love since April 1, 1981 … Sonja was originally a Dutch teacher and nowadays the co-driver and sometimes … Read more

The southern Regions of Spain

After crossing from Morocco (see Leaving Morocco after 28 weeks (video)) to Spain, we fully enjoy the pleasures of European life. Groceries in the supermarket, driving on good roads and a drink on a terrace. Despite Covid-19 and the associated limitations, it is still wonderful to be able to move freely knowing that we can … Read more

la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

South of the town of Beni-Melal and the lake of Bin-El-Ouidane, near to the town of Tilouguite, the Michelin map of Morocco indicates “la Cathedrale (rochers)“.We were made curious by this indication on the map and went looking for the Cathedral.It turned out to be a very interesting and rough ride through the Atlas Mountains … Read more