Making Yogurt en Route

In the morning we like to have breakfast with muesli or cruesli with yogurt, a tasty and healthy start to the day. However, (good) yogurt is not available everywhere. That’s why I decided to make yogurt myself. In the beginning, during our last big trip in southern Africa, I made yogurt with a breeding package … Read more Making Yogurt en Route

The Atlas

Driving in the High Mountains After the unforgettable journeys through the desert we now are in mountainous terrain. The desert unnoticed changes into the Atlas, the highest mountain range in North Africa with peaks well over 3000 meters. This also means that the temperatures in this season, winter and early spring, especially at night, can … Read more The Atlas

The Moroccan Sahara (2)

Desert and Mountains As a result of our previous blog, I was reminded that the Sahara only starts south of Tan-Tan, I would like to believe that, but Google also gives various results. According to the Britannica map below, during our trip in Morocco, we travel a bit through the Sahara and through the Moroccan … Read more The Moroccan Sahara (2)

Major Maintenance to Milady Landy

It started with just greasing… For the techies among us, I’m interested in whatever someone else needs to do to his/her car while on the road, as you, readers of our blogs, probably also are. After our first adventure in the desert, Omar, our guide during that trip (see The Moroccan Sahara (1)), recommends that … Read more Major Maintenance to Milady Landy