Beautiful Cities

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Culture and History We have said before that Marrakesh is too busy and too touristy for us. Fortunately, there are other Moroccan cities worth visiting. Fes, Meknès and Chefchaouen are located on the north side of the Atlas and we … Continued

Making Yogurt en Route

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In the morning we like to have breakfast with muesli or cruesli with yogurt, a tasty and healthy start to the day. However, (good) yogurt is not available everywhere. That’s why I decided to make yogurt myself. In the beginning, … Continued

Discover Morocco

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Winter circumstances No, winter conditions as we know them do not occur in Morocco and that is precisely why we and many more Europeans prefer the relatively warm winter of Morocco to the cold, wet and harsh winter in Europe. … Continued

Beautiful Portugal

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Autumn, preparations for Christmas and beach From the Spanish border we descend from the Iberian plateau in the direction of Coimbra. We drive along and partly through the Parque Natural da Serra da Estrela, beautiful, unspoilt, foggy and rainy. We … Continued

Wintry Spain

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Beautiful cities and winter temperatures On November 13 we leave from France and cross the Pyrenees at Canfranc. This used to be a very large and busy railway station between France and Spain. Due to the different track widths in … Continued

The Large Travel Plan

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After our great Africa adventure in 2016-17, we decided to investigate whether we can make traveling our life. In order to realize this plan, we have studied our finances and extensively discussed our large plan with our children. After months … Continued

SOLD Milady Landy is for sale

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Land Rover 109 old timer; series 3; 1980 (tax free next year); diesel 200(t)di (revised in 2016); 73.578 miles; right hand drive; Completely restored by the current owner. Ready for camping adventures (see extras below). Standard: seats/benches in the back … Continued

Sad Zimbabwe

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With a short interval for Christmas, we travel through a sad Zimbabwe from 19 to 31 December. Not that we have experienced an intense sadness, but in everything we experienced it sounded, especially in one statement. Right before we were … Continued

Arusha National Park

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From the slopes of Kilimanjaro we head for Arusha National Park. Arranging a phone card for Annemarie takes a little longer than expected. Therefore we decide to drive to the Colobus Mountain Camp Site just outside the Ngongongare gate of … Continued

Driving through Kenya

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A blog about driving through Kenya, because that’s what we did most. There are still blogs about the baby home in Rangala and the Baja-school Rambulla. On 22 October we drive into Kenya at the border crossing in Busia. Because … Continued

Uganda part 2

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On Sunday we want to travel to Murchisson Falls National Park. After lunch in Kyenjojo we take the track north, after 20km drive we decide to turn back, this road is really too bad to drive over 150km. We pass … Continued

Uganda for beginners

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Uganda for us was just another country in Africa, so we are beginners in this country. On Thursday, October 13th, the anniversary of brother Peter, we left Rwanda after visiting a cultural village in the volcanic mountains of Rwanda (and … Continued

Remembering 1995

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In 1995 I (Gert Jan) met sub-Saharan Africa for the first time, a memory that came back today at all vehemence. How I became acquainted with this part of the continent was actually pure chance. I worked also with Lievense Consulting … Continued

Visit to Mwanza

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In 2012 we visited Mwanza with Suzanne, who was living in Dar es Salaam. That time, we were invited for a visit to Meck Manyana, who we had met in Maastricht in 2007. He followed a management course and through … Continued

Tanzanian roads

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Mysteries of an old lady (7) As we drive into Tanzania we take the road to Kigoma, we would like to see the chimpanzees in Gombe National Park. Upto Mpanda the road is fine, with occasionally some potholes and gravel, then … Continued

Zambian Videos

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Here are a few videos of our trip through in Zambia. A pontoon-ferry crossing the Zambezi A day in 2 minutes Descend to South Luangwa National Park Entering South Luangwa National Park from the north is quite a challenge.

On the road to Lusaka

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After our visit to the orphans project in Zambezi we left for Lusaka, capital of Zambia. Along the way we have “just” done Kafue National Park.That “just” is obviously meant cynical. The route we had planned to Kafue avoided the bad … Continued

Camping in Botswana

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During our first two nights in Botswana we had several special encounters. The first night we spent in Ghanzi, a town on the route from the Namibian border to the Okavango. Incidentally, about the border, our first African, a special experience. … Continued

Blooming Baobab

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Wherever we travel in Africa we see Baobab trees, big trees “with the roots up.”During our adventure in Namibia we see them mostly in the north, more arid Damaraland and Kaokoland. I’m always a little impressed when I see these … Continued

Solar panel

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We have bought a solar panel. During our overland trip we don’t expect to drive each day, but the fridge needs to cool and we want a light at our tent at night. Our choice is a 80 watt solar … Continued

Improved crankshaft pulley

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Recently I was stopped green laning with a damaged crankshaft pulley. During our trip to Morocco in the summer of 2015 and recently during the Spring Rally of the Land Rover club it happened again. When off-roading the front axle touches the pulley with … Continued

Wing protectors

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I use the front wings regularly to climb the car, especially while travelling. That is why I made these wing protectors. First I cut a cardboard template to examples I found on the Internet. I still had a piece of … Continued

Extra lighting

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High on my wishlist were extra lights at the front and back of Milady. The lights I bought through AliExpress, 2 pcs 7″ 36w cree led lights for the front (€ 42.23 per two) and one 4″ 18 W Cree LED … Continued

Anderson plug

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Recently, I have fitted an Anderson plug to the batteries so that I can connect external power. The 50 amp plug, I ordered in China through AliExpress, 4 pieces for € 24.65, good quality. In addition, I have ordered dust … Continued

Milady is back home

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After spending several months at Robbert Janssen, Land Rover garage in Etten-Leur Milady is back home.Robbert has addressed mainly engine related issues, head revision, new injectors, new valve seals, a new fuel-filter, various hoses, etc. New radiator I had the radiator enlarged, … Continued

Milady is in the work shop

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Milady Landy has been with Robbert Janssen in the garage for over a month now. The aim is to investigate oil consumption and to improve the high temperature issue (see Morocco).Yesterday we went to Robbert, the head is off, it is … Continued

Mounting a steering damper

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For those who like a little more steering comfort with a Land Rover Series III: how to mount a steering damper. On our vacation in Morocco in 2015, I felt sometimes that my steering started shaking / jiggling / vibrate when … Continued


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It remained dry camping in Pezenas and we can pack our stuff. At the reception we ordered croissants and baguettes, deliciously fresh for breakfast. The route through central France we drive on the toll route, i.e. at Millau we find the … Continued


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The further north we get in Spain the colder it will be, I think. Well, not so it’s still hot up to the Pyrenees. One eye on the temperature gauge, keeping speed below 90km/h, Milady is doing fine, Only at the last stop … Continued


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Such a lovely modern, well maintained campground, camping municipal Fuengirola, we all four enjoy plenty of free hot showers and breakfast at the bar of the campsite, tasty strong Spanish coffee and bread with marmelada. It strikes us it is … Continued

Tangier Med

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Our last day in Morocco, we leave this lovely welcoming country today via Tangier Med. Pity it’s already over, but we’ve had a great time, all four. Of course, we knew each other as friends, but this experiment has certainly succeeded … Continued


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Today we drive to Asilah, we find a campsite at the beach to just enjoy a day of Morocco and the sun. The drive is beautiful along deserted beaches and variety of agricultural areas. The roads are fine and we … Continued


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We have breakfast at the campsite in Rabat with bread from the bakery and remain at the camp to do some chores. Marc and I commit some needed maintenance on Milady and Sonja and Saskia doing laundry (why roles …). … Continued

High Atlas

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Today we are going to cross the High Atlas, the way we drive is recommended to us by the patron of Camp Jurrasique, he drove it several times with his private car. We have breakfast in the tent and leave … Continued

The desert

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At 6AM the alarm goes off, we want to see the sunrise in the desert. Fortunately, the weather cleared up and we have a cloudless eastern horizon. We climb to the highest dune to be treated to a great sunrise, Then … Continued

The Sahara

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Today we leave for the Sahara, in the morning we drive through the valley of the Oued Ziz [Kad_youtube url = “” width = 1000 height = 600 maxwidth = 1000] and just before Errachida along the reservoir behind the Barrage … Continued

The Atlas

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We leave early on the way to the Atlas, the roads are narrow, and the landscape changes to mountainous. Every now and then we have a drink in a local pub, that is sodas or coffee or tea. The ride is not … Continued


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Today we visit one of the royal cities, Fez. The morning we spend with to do some maintenance to the car and laundry. We look for the nearest Carrefour, this appears to be well sorted and we go shopping for … Continued

To Chefchaouen

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Today we travel to Chefchaouen, which seems to be a beautiful old town in the Rif mountains. The drive leads to it through a varied landscape of green fields and mountains. We get off the beaten path as we come across … Continued

Into Spain

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Today we drive from France into Spain We leave at 8:00 am, put coffee and fetched croissants and bread. Then we set off again. We first look for a supermarket to do shopping at the French Intermarché, lovely to walk in a … Continued


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The interior of a Land Rover must of course be as basic as possible, but because we have a plan to go overlanding there must be sufficient space. In 2015 Morocco Marc and Saskia will ride with us in the Land … Continued

Second fuel tank (2)

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The second fuel tank has been mounted, now make the hoses and connections. 1. cap the preparation was such that this second tank opening looks the same as the cap of the main tank: And this is how it looks … Continued

Second fuel tank (1)

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In preparation for our overland trip in 2016 Milady Landy gets a second fuel tank. The space for this is available under the driver’s seat (front right in this case). I thus hope to extend its range to 1,000 km, … Continued

A new 200TDI engine

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After the first holiday of/with Milady we decided to replace the standard engine by a new engine from a 200Tdi Discovery. The first step was getting the engine at Jansen LaRo in Udenhout and set up (along with the laptop at … Continued

MOT (RDW) testing

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The inspections at the RDW (Department of Road Transport) in Rijen is done on 28th July 2014, the day before we were to go on holiday to France, a small risk … Together with Gerben (he made the photographs and thus witnessed the … Continued

APK testing

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After years of work in July 2014 I finally made an appointment for the inspection, the first semi MOT in the general garage in our street, garage Hommel. Quite exciting to drive to the garage with dealer plates on the … Continued


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And then, finally I was able to sort out the cabling and connect all the wires to instruments and lamps. A true puzzle, using the wiring diagram I have labeled all the wires, which was quite a drudgery. but finally I was able … Continued

Roof Tent

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Through we bought a roof tent for Milady Landy. We were bound to have a weekend in Bruges to pick up the tent and could also attach a family visit, not at all annoying. The previous owner purchased the tent … Continued

Build up

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After the restoration and extensive spraying I could finally begin to build Milady Landy. The engine and gearbox were there already and the bulkhead was mounted (and thus sprayed where I had covered the rest adequately). When fitting, I have … Continued

Restore bodywork (1)

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The restoration of the bodywork of a Series Land Rover does not need to be large, that is to say in the case of the aluminum bodywork and no contact-corrosion has taken place. However, of course, standard parts had to be … Continued

Restore chassis

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After dismantling the Landy I started the restoration of the chassis. Extensive welding was needed and several body components had to be replaced. Many parts I made of sheet material and some parts, the rear cross member and one of the side … Continued

Disassembly (2)

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After dismantling the major body parts, of course, there was more rust, so plenty to restore. next action… well dressed… this was for the picture! Some bolts were so rusted that dismantling could only be done with the grinder And then there is … Continued

Disassembly (1)

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After eighteen months standstill (some things still had to be done in the house) I started dismantling the Landy in April 2009. Actually I started this whole adventure by downloading and printing the repair operation manual, a good source for … Continued

England to Etten-Leur

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The transport from Winchester in southern England to Etten-Leur On October 4, 2007 I rented a car ambulance and I drove my father to England through the Chunnel. After a night sag at Peter and Isabel … … we set off … Continued

Fetching at Garry’s

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On September 22, 2007 Peter rented a car trailer and drove with Isabel and Lisa to Garry to pick up the Land Rover. [Kad_youtube url = “” width = 800 height = 400 maxwidth = 1000] It was a feat … Continued

The purchase on Ebay

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On September 16, 2007 I purchased an old Land Rover Series III LWB (long wheelbase) of 1980 through an Ebay auction. After our family trip to Tanzania in 2006, I was determined that I wanted a vehicle that we could … Continued