Mysteries of an Old Lady

If you drive an old lady like Milady Landy (a 1980 Series Land Rover), there are sometimes mysteries you must solve …

Fuel supply

As already written in Misery with Milady there was something wrong with the fuel supply, the front tank did not engage well. Especially on the way to and in Etosha this problem showed in all its intensity. The front tank just did not work, it still contains 45 liters of diesel covering about 350-400km radius. Fortunately we have filled the two jerrycans on the roof with diesel and we can use it for backup.
The defect appeared resolved by checking the wiring and all contacts.
Now we can again use both tanks and enjoy Etosha National Park.



On the road from Opuwo to Epupa, beautiful waterfalls, incidentally, there are bridges over the (dry) rivers. The bridges are one-way, so beforehand you are warned Namibian style with various signs, among others things, speed limit 30 km/h.

The Epupa water falls
When I once brake a bit late, a huge rattle manifests under the car and we are pretty much in the middle of the bridge with a screaming engine …

Sonja and I quickly put two triangles at the top of the ramp to the bridge, so that we can be noted in any case.
I inspect the damage, the drive shaft turns to have slid apart and the engine must have shifted, the throttle is completely tight. I disconnect the throttle cable and replace the bolt with a cable tie, so I can again just use it normally.

Meanwhile a car arrives from the north, I run up the ramp to stop him so we will not be hit anyway … I ask him to pull me, but now realize that I can drive in front-wheel back up the hill. Fortunately I manage that …

From the south also cars approach, I am no longer in the way, but people still ask if we could use help. A car with an official license plate refers us to the car behind him, in which is an auto mechanic.
Innocent, the mechanic, crawls under the car with me with his neat clothes (he’s on the way back from a funeral) and indeed finds that the drive shaft is loose. I have already loosened the bolts on the rear part.


In no time, the shaft is off and we can drive to Okangwati where Innocent has a workshop. We drive at a speed of 50 km/h and arrive just before dark at the work shop.

Innocent rides home to put on his working clothes and in the meantime I can jack up the car and remove the wheel. We have found that the center bolt of the right-rear leaf spring is gone. This results in the right rear wheel to be pushed back at least 10 cm. This caused the sliding of the drive shaft …


We work together to repair this problem and meanwhile Innocent puts together the drive back so we have everything working again at half past eight.


We put up the tent in the workshop area and sleep at night to the music of the young people who apparently also have a bar in the workshop place .

The next morning we continue our trip to Epupa …

The rear axle

As already mentioned earlier, the two leaf springs on the rear axle had already lost their center bolts. The terrain and the roads are at least challenging and ask their toll of Milady.
As we further progress on our journey the left back increasingly sags and I hear a thudding sound rear left in the deeper pits.

My diagnosis is that the shock has gone, so when we arrive in Windhoek I look for a Land Rover specialist, Jaco Von Weidtz SJ Motor Spares. He brings a new set of heavy duty shocks to the camping, super service.

Unfortunately, after placing the new shocks, the car still sags at the back.
Therefore I calles Jaco again to order a new set of leaf springs, which have been beaten pretty heavy recently.
So here we are attached to Windhoek, the springs should arrive by courier from South Africa not before next Monday.
So …. to be continued.[:]

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