Making Pizza with Homemade Dough and Apple Yeast

When you don’t have the necessary ingredients and have plenty of time, you get creative making your own ingredients.

This is how I made pizza in our camper-kitchen.

Making the yeast

I bought apples from the “vegetable man” that comes to our campsite twice a week, they were red skinned apples, that’s all I can say of the brand…

At our camper, after washing the apples thoroughly, I cut four apples into pieces, leaving skin and core. Then I mashed them up using a fork, we didn’t bring a stirring sieve or mixer. I strained the juice of this apple mash with a cloth (a handkerchief worked fine for me) and put it in a 500ml plastic soda bottle (Oulmès-bottle) and closed it off with a balloon. I put it in a warm place, the driver seat floor of Milady Landy and let it rest (in the Moroccan May climate, day temperatures rise up to 40 ⁰C and night temperatures not below 24 ⁰C).

The next day the apple juice already started bubbling and the balloon was blown up a bit, I put some small holes in the balloon with a needle to prevent the balloon to explode.

After five days I used the liquid yeast to make my pizza dough.

Making a pizza dough

For the dough of 3 small pan-pizzas I used about 300 grams of plain flour, about 100ml of apple-yeast, some olive oil (approx. 50ml), 1 teaspoon of salt, a teaspoon of honey or sugar and about 100ml of water (use as much water as the dough needs to get a good consistency).

I kneaded well during a minute or 2, not too long, you don’t need to remove all the lumps. I let it rest and rise for 2-4 hours and knead it again lightly, I used some flour to prevent the stickiness. Then I separated the dough into 3 equal balls, covered each of them with plastic and put them in the fridge.

The next morning I took out the dough from the fridge and put it at room (Moroccan May) temperature. The dough now looked very supple and soft.

At night I just shaped the 3 pieces of dough into balls and then made the pizza bottoms one after the other when I needed them. I shaped the dough in a stainless steel plate that I covered with a little flour.

Making the Pizzas

I made a plain tomato sauce using a box of mashed tomatoes and some garlic. I fried the garlic in olive oil and added the tomatoes, I like oregano, so I added some dried oregano and some salt.

I fried the bottom first at one side (in my Tefal frying pan) then turned it over and added the tomato sauce and the toppings.

For the topping I used canned mushrooms, I couldn’t find fresh ones, and/or canned tuna. I fried the mushrooms first with some pepper and salt. I topped it off with some slices of gouda cheese.

I closed the pan with my stainless steel plate (as I don’t have a cover for it) and left it to fry for a few minutes more.

The pizza’s were delicious!

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