Unknown to us: Eastern France, The Vosges and The Alsace

The French climate shows us all extremes, from extreme heat to thunderstorms, but we especially enjoy the surprising landscapes and beautiful French cities and villages.

The deep forests with beautiful lakes of the Vosges and the green valleys with extensive vineyards of Alsace, everything is new to us. We have not discovered this part of France before, we are surprised by its multifaceted beauty.

Lesseux and Saint-Dié-des-Vosges

After our Luxembourg adventure we spent a few days at a campsite on a lake, just being lazy.

Then we continue in a southerly direction and into the Vosges. In Lesseux we find a cozy spot on the campsite with Raoul and Nadine. A campsite with no more than 6 pitches, but with lots of space and, above all, fun. The owners are very interested in their guests and Raoul in particular drops by regularly for a chat. They even have a cozy snack bar cart serving snacks and drinks.

Video gemaakt voor Aire Naturelle de Camping “le Gros Pré”

Our Mupke and Flupke, our electric folding bikes, come in handy when we take a day trip to Saint-Dié-des-Vosges.

The city surprises us with beautiful buildings and cozy terraces, the weather is unexpectedly radiant.

Raoul has already told us that there are beautiful murals in the city, here are a few:

Later we look for the nearby waterfall Cascades des Molières, there is little water, so the spectacle is limited. The trip there is beautiful, with considerable slopes, our electric assistance is very practical.

When we drive back to Lesseux the sky bursts open with a heavy thunderstorm, we can use our rain capes.

The forest of the Vosges

On the advice of Raoul we drive through the forest paths of Lesseux deeper into the Vosges, great to be able to drive slightly off road again.

Milady and I are enjoying it to the fullest and Sonja too.

We made an appointment with Grietje and Cor at a campsite near Gerardmer. We have been following each other since we traveled in Morocco. We met there once on the way, but hadn’t spoken yet. Now there was time to exchange experiences and travel stories, a pleasant afternoon and evening.

The next morning we agree that we will continue to follow each other and hopefully meet again during our world trip.

Gérardmer is beautifully situated on the lake of the same name, we walk along the lake and through the city.

The Alsace

Because we unexpectedly have to go to Brussels, we drive to Sélestat to take the train. Alsace is very different from the Vosges, the fertile Rhine valley nurtures countless vineyards.

We park our Milady Landy at the Camping Municipal les Cigognes, named after the storks that nest in this area and therefore also parade over the campsite.

The campsite is definitely recommended for anyone who wants to visit Alsace. Very helpful administrators who speak multiple languages and are happy to help you with common challenges. We were allowed to park our car at the campsite at a reduced rate.

The city of Sélestat is also worth a visit, a typical Alsace city with clear German influences, well maintained, cozy and very hospitable.

As we continue through the Alsace and the Haut Rhin, we again pass countless vineyards and pretty little villages, a nice drive, although the weather is not getting better…

We drive on to the French Jura, but more about that later.

2 thoughts on “Unknown to us: Eastern France, The Vosges and The Alsace”

  1. hallo Gert Jan,

    Ik heb je reiservaring van de Vogezen helemaal doorgenomen! We zijn via het internet op zoek naar mensen die hun ervaringen (willen) delen. Wij zijn vorige week voor het eerst met de daktent op avontuur getrokken naar…de Vogezen. We hebben de intentie om zoveel mogelijk wild te camperen aangevuld met ‘rustpauzes’ op nette campings. Naast leuke plekken waar je in Frankrijk (gedoogd) mag overnachten ben ik benieuwd naar routes en meer bepaald GPX-bestanden. Ik heb het gevoel dat er achter het delen van deze bestanden heel wat business schuilgaat…Alvast dank om jullie ervaringen hier te delen! Indien jullie opnieuw richting ‘Les Vosges’ trekken, geef ik graag onze routes door. groet Frank

    • Hallo Frank,
      Leuk dat je ons volgt, het is altijd fijn om te ervaren dat onze blogs ook gelezen worden.
      Vanuit de camping in Lesseux zijn we op aanraden van Raoul door het bos gereden naar Wisembach, een mooie piste door het bos. Ik zal kijken of ik de gpx kan delen met jou.
      Ken je de app Wikiloc? Daarin kan je heel veel off-road tracks vinden.
      Groet van Gert Jan


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