Pieterpad day 20, stage 18: Groesbeek-Gennep

From Groesbeek to Gennep, the hills at the start of the tour are tough, but located in a beautiful fairytale forest. It is now hard to imagine that this area was the scene of heavy fighting in the Second World War. In the direction of Gennep it becomes flatter and seemingly quieter, although there seems to be a lot of history hidden in the underground. The weather is consistently good, we are getting more and more tanned in our face and hands.

The old railway in Groesbeek is the first reminder of WWII that we encounter today.


We encounter the important role of this region in the Second World War again and again today.

As we walk through the beautiful forests and hills near Groesbeek, it is hard to imagine that in this silence thousands of young men fought for the freedom of Europe.

Even the Polish asparagus cutter, with whom we chat, refers to the Polish general Maczek in Breda, also WWII.

This memorial is located at the asparagus field.

We continue our way up the Sint Jansberg, beautiful with high beech trees and streams that spring from the mountain.

Sometimes the path is difficult to distinguish from the forest.

But we find our way.

In Milsbeek we visit the war cemetery.

all young men!

In the direction of Gennep we walk through the Maas valley where a lot of history is buried.

A proud young farmer points out his cows that can graze on land leased from Staatsbosbeheer.

We walk into Gennep and look for our dinner, which will be a warm-up meal from the fishmonger.

We still have to walk a little further on the Niersdijk

the Niers is a branch of the Maas

before we get to our lodging address and we can enjoy our well-deserved rest. Yvonne welcomes us with coffee and tea, with her plans and dreams and proud of her litter of young dogs.

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