Pieterpad day 22, stage 20: Groenigen-Swolgen

We walk through the Brabant and Limburg catchment areas and the floodplain of the Maas. The Vierlingsbeek is now called the Afleidingskanaal and further on it is called the Molenbeek. Later we walk along the Oostrumsche Beek, which sometimes flows quite turbulent. It’s great how these streams determine the landscape next to the heather and woodland areas we cross.

The day starts gray when we walk from Groeningen to Vierlingsbeek, the actual starting point of this stage.

The Maaslijn was built in 1883 between Nijmegen and Venlo, Arriva trains still run on it. We walk for miles along this track.

The water-rich landscape is already making its mark here.

At Vierlingsbeek we walk along the Afleidingskanaal, formerly the Vierlingsbeek. We see the remains of an old castle behind this newer farm.

Sonja is burning a candle at the Lady Chapel of Holthees, it is Sunday after all.

Just before we enter Limburg, we see this impressive war memorial.

And a nice bench where we rest for a while from our first part of the walk.

You are in the right place with the Limburg Landscape

We do not encounter sheep in the Boschhuizerbergen, but their wool.

Landgoed Geijsteren is beautifully intersected by the Oostrumsche Beek, complete with Franconian farm De Rosmolen with a functioning watermill.

Beyond Wanssum, the meandering Grote Molenbeek forms the flooding area of ​​the Meuse.

At Meerlo we walk straight through this beautiful old castle farm.

We find this beautiful Pieterpad signpost along the path in Meerlo.

The further away Tienray also turns out to be a place of pilgrimage.

We walk the last kilometers to Swolgen through the beautiful forest area of ​​Tienrayse and Swolgender heide

and arrive tired after this long stage, over 26km.

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