Pieterpad day 23, stage 21: Swolgen-Venlo

On this sunny day we walk through beautiful North-Limburg from Swolgen to Venlo. The Schuitwater nature reserve surprises us with its spring colors and water features. Later we cross the Maas again with the ferry at Grubbenvorst and walk across the Maas bank to Venlo.

Actually, we barely walk into Swolgen when we left our Friends on the Bicycle address at Marlène van den Berg. We actually immediately arrive in the Schuitwater nature reserve, an old Maas arm, so very rich in water and green.

We fully enjoy the radiant sun and the spring colors.

When we walk past her, Ria praises her coffee with pear flan, of course we can’t refuse that.

freshly brewed coffee and tea with delicious freshly baked pear flan

The enormous monastery of Grubbenvorst and the special artwork that stands in front of it get our attention.

Although the milking nun and the openwork carillon are also worth a closer look.

We buy a sandwich at the Jan Linders in Grubbenvorst and eat it together with Ankie outside on a bench. We have already met Ankie several times during the past stages and we have a great time together.

As recommended by Frank Franssen and Jos Vermeulen, I eat a delicious ice cream at Clevers for dessert.

Then we cross the Maas with the ferry.

The Maas Corridor, the catchment area of ​​the Maas, leads us close to Venlo.

And after 21 tiring kilometers we reach Venlo

where we check into hotel Wilhelmina for our rest day tomorrow.

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