Pieterpad day 24, rest day: Venlo

Venlo welcomes us with a radiant sun on this King’s Day. We stay two nights in hotel Wilhelmina, a bit basic, but a good bed and a bathroom with bath. To relax from walking we take a nice izi.travel city walk.

hotel Wilhelmina in Venlo

Looking for a city walk, we arrive at izi.travel where we find a city walk with short video clips of Venlo, the app guides us with a walk through the city.

Here are some random impressions of the city.

Halfway through the walk we arrive at the Maas, it is almost summer with many people enjoying the wonderful weather.

When we are back at the station, opposite our hotel, we see this saying by Jules Deelder:

the environment of man is his fellow man

a nice full stop after our walk.

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