Pieterpad day 25, stage 22: Venlo-Swalmen

We leave this morning without a coat, at 9 o’clock it is already pleasant to walk. Outside Venlo we walk directly into the forest, along the border with Germany and only at Swalmen we walk out of the forest, 23km later. How good we are!

Literally outside Venlo we walk into the forest.

Today we are walking through the woods on and just across the border with Germany, a small risk because we have been vaccinated for the first time, but have no recent corona test.

Everywhere along the route we see boundary markers and other boundary attributes.

Links is Duitsland, rechts is Nederland.

At this “steep edge” we walk in Germany while the slope is the Netherlands.

On the border in Reuver, at café De Grens, we enjoy our first terrace of this tour, they open again today after the corona lockdown.

Then we walk on,

along more terraces that we know how to resist,

so that we eventually reach Swalmen,

and enjoy a delicious white beer there.

On the welcoming terrace of AetcafĂ© en Feeslocatie ‘t Kesjotje, we enjoy the Limburg atmosphere and the last rays of the sun today.

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