Pieterpad day 26, stage 23: Swalmen-Montfort

The day starts in Swalmen with a pleasant sun, despite the weather forecast with rain. Today a bit more hills and small streams in the Meuse valley. Later in the afternoon the wind picks up and the sun disappears behind the clouds and when we arrive tired in Montfort it is downright cold. However, it has remained dry.

We pass Hillenraedt Castle, which has been “in the family” since the 14th century and is still privately inhabited.

The farm opposite is also worth a visit.

The further we walk, the more the wind picks up and the more clouds there are.

Fortunately, the sun also comes through regularly in the morning.

The Iron Rhine is a railway (from Belgium to Germany through Limburg) that is only partially intact.

In the direction of Sint-Odiliƫnberg there is a lot of agriculture and livestock farming.

There, the Roer also flows through the beautiful valley.

A Roman “treasure” of 65 silver and 6 gold coins was found near Montfort during the excavation of the Vlootbeek. Replicas have been set up along the route.

Due to the strong wind it cools down quite a bit at the end of the day, so we get to bed early (with our clothes on) in a hiker’s cabin without heating.

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