Pieterpad day 27, stage 24: Montfort-Sittard

We had a cold night in the hiker’s cabin in Montfort and when we leave it is still gray and bleak. Fortunately we walk a beautiful walk through South Limburg and a piece of Germany. At the end of our journey, when we get tired, the sun comes to help us. We even end on a sunny terrace on the Markt in Sittard.

Just outside Montfort we cross the Putbeek.

Beautiful with the spring blossom. The Duvelskei marks a valuable cultural landscape in Central Limburg (W.C.L.).

Luckily, gnomes and smurfs have not been forgotten here either.

In the cultural landscape we walk along the asparagus fields, usually ripe for harvest, sometimes decorated differently.

We walk a large part of the route along streams, pools and streams that have been redesigned by the water board to give nature more space.

A Roman treasure has recently been found in this brook valley too.

Nature benefits from that.

If the sun also comes out from behind the clouds, it gives us extra energy to cover the last kilometers.

In this way we walk along and through a part of Germany with new energy.

And tired but satisfied we enter the city of Sittard along the Geleenbeek.

When we have checked in at the hotel we quickly go to the Markt to grab a terrace with a drink and a snack.

1 thought on “Pieterpad day 27, stage 24: Montfort-Sittard”

  1. You must be nearing the end of your trek. How many more days to go?
    26 days walking already. that is impressive.
    At least there is a copy warm bed each night and a good hot meal.
    I assume you have planned your stops in advance and are not just winging it!

    Keep going

    Mike and Jackie.


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