Pieterpad day 28, stage 25: Sittard-Valkenburg

In our penultimate stage we enter the Limburg hilly landscape, steep slopes up and down, which is quite an effort for our tired bodies. Fortunately the weather cooperates again, a strong sun in the morning and some coolness in the afternoon help us through the tough trip. We have pleasant conversations with “great-nephew” Bernard and fellow Pieterpadters on the terraces that we like to visit again today.

The decoration of Sittard reminds us that some things are not yet normal (carnival) and others are reasonable (the weekly market).

Outside Sittard we immediately go up the Kollenberg where, according to good Catholic custom, the suffering of Christ is depicted in 14 stations, with a beautiful chapel on top of the mountain.

We are making good progress on the trails through the woods and hills.

The landscape is hilly with beautiful views and old stately buildings.

We have contact with “great-nephew” Bernard (the nephew of an aunt by marriage and also of an uncle by marriage) and agree to meet in Windraak.

We meet on a terrace, drink a coffee together and exchange family news and so on, super fun.

After a good hour we each go our separate ways and agree to see each other again soon.

We continue through the Limburg hilly landscape, beautiful and varied.

Still 34km to go, we’ve already done 464km!

Sometimes you come across a beautiful poem, that gives you strength.

Meander along
Walking along the water of the brook,
which continues its path straight ahead in a frame,
I realize that many, many drops of water
have flowed together into this stream.

Further on the brook meanders again naturaly
from left to right with beautiful curves.
Meanders happily through the landscape,
which shows so much more beauty here.

While walking my many thoughts form a stream,
which is often limited in a straight line.
But if I let them run wild,
they meander in all directions.

Together they form the source for a stream of new ideas
in the rigid thinking patterns of everyday life.
Leave the straight lines of the shortest path, fantasize!
Meander along, become a different person.

Arnold Vossebeld.

Or special works of art

We continue through the beautiful landscape.

For lunch we find a place on the terrace at Castle Terborg. There we have a pleasant conversation with Irene who is walking a stage today with her friend. Earlier we met her alone.

The second part of the tour is through tough terrain.

And through traditional Limburg villages.

Irene takes this photo of us on the way, very beautiful.

In the last piece of forest before Valkenburg we see gnomes again …

It shouldn’t get any crazier, another party!

The forest is beautifully open and intersected by a sparkling stream.

Dit gedicht van Toon Hermans herinnert ons aan de strijd die gevoerd is bij de aanleg van het vliegveld Beek.

On the terrace of the Fletcher hotel in Valkenburg we meet a mother with two daughters who walked the same stage as us today. Nice to be able to mirror our experiences with them.

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