Pieterpad day 29, ultimate stage 26: Valkenburg-Sint Pietersberg

From Pieterburen to the Sint Pietersberg in Maastricht in 26 stages. Beforehand we should not have thought about walking 500km. But we made it and it feels good!
Today is a last day through the hilly landscape of South Limburg, from Valkenburg to Maastricht, a beautiful stage. And what a satisfaction to have climbed the Pietersberg after another tiring day. We are proud, surprised and satisfied.

We are already on the road in Valkenburg before 9 am, a fresh sun gives us extra support in the tired back.

We walk along the Geul and old marl quarries in the Geul valley, beautiful with sometimes a steep slope.

Marl land sheep graze the slopes of the valley.

On the early Sunday morning, farmers are already busy bringing in the freshly cut grass.

And we are surprised by this “work of art”.

We have a good pace and before noon we already reach Maastricht.

Just walk on and we reach the Flikken Maastricht police station.

And Napoleon who keeps watch at the bottom of the Sint Pietersberg.

Going up the mountain is still a bit of biting.

But the reward is all the better once we reach the top at the edge of the marl quarry.

Satisfied we walk back to the city at our leisure.

On the way we meet Irene and Bregje who are still on their way up, in town we meet to drink a Tripel Karmeliet together, delicious.


And everyone who supported us with words of encouragement or sweet messages, thank you, they helped us a lot.

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