Traveling the Netherlands (Part 2)

After our eventful trip in Morocco in 2020, we have been staying in the Netherlands for 10 months now.
A look back.

Looking back on an eventful time

Last August we arrived in the Netherlands again after our start of the world trip to Morocco. From October 1, 2019 we were on our way to Morocco for 3 months through a Europe without borders. After 3 months we traveled through Morocco without restrictions.

We drove through the Atlas in the snow, used our 4×4 capabilities in the desert, we met countless hospitable and warm people, in short we enjoyed our traveling life. Until…

At the beginning of March 2020 we would cross over to Italy. Nothing was further from the truth, Covid-19 hit Italy hard, the borders were closed and the ferries were cancelled. We were stuck in Morocco.

Luckily we found a nice campsite in Merzouga, Haven la Chance, with excellent sanitary facilities, a good swimming pool, a fine restaurant, friendly staff and enough space to keep our distance from the other guests. We could stay here for a few weeks.

It was 3 months, a little longer than expected. After that we could travel through Morocco again and at the beginning of July 2020 we took the boat to Spain. Slowly we drove back home through a different Europe than we had left in 2019, the Covid measures made everything different.

At the beginning of August 2020 we were back in the Netherlands. More and more restrictions, few people see, can’t hug our children, it was a strange time at home too.

But – we don’t abandon our travel plans – we sell our house and make new plans. In the winter of 2020 and 2021 we improve the car and travel through the Netherlands.

In the spring we walk the Pieterpad.

Traveling through the Netherlands

Because the borders are still closed, we are going on a trip in our own country.

Earlier this year we were on the Veluwe, in Drenthe and in Friesland.

Later we were also on Texel and in North Holland.

And in March we explored Limburg and Brabant with Michiel and Maartje and Ger and Ko.

The Pieterpad was of course an experience in itself, walking for a whole month from the north to the south of the Netherlands.

Farewell to the Netherlands

After we have somewhat recovered from our trials of the Pieterpad, we continue on our way.

Because the borders are still closed at the end of May 2021, despite our vaccinations, we drive our Milady Landy to Zeeland and South Holland.


We find a small farm campsite in Serooskerke, on the Zeeland island of Walcheren, camping De Goudsbloem. Within cycling distance of Middelburg, Veere and the North Sea.

Rindert and Pien are coming to enjoy our beautiful spot for a day.

And as usual we enjoy good food and drinks.

We celebrate our wedding anniversary at Beachclub Lekker, together with Gerben and Naline.

Bart and Marilyne and Eva and Jan with the children also come and enjoy our beautiful spot with sun and sea in Zeeland for a day.

South Holland

After a nice relaxing week in Zeeland, we move to South Holland. Camping De Drie Morgen is situated between Leidschenveen and Zoetermeer, beautifully situated between Leiden, The Hague, Rijswijk and Delft.

We visit family and friends and discover Delft.

We continue to follow the corona messages and see that the borders in Europe are opening more and more. Where shall we go?

In the end it turns out that we can travel into Luxembourg without a PCR test and with our vaccination certificate. See our next blog…

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