Into Spain

Today we drive from France into Spain

We leave at 8:00 am, put coffee and fetched croissants and bread. Then we set off again. We first look for a supermarket to do shopping at the French Intermarch√©, lovely to walk in a French supermarket.

On the way a lot of holiday traffic and congestion at Bordeaux, we take the RN-roads to avoid traffic jams. At about 7pm we are at the French-Spanish border. Then we go through the bottom of the Pyrenees into the interior of Spain.

In the course of the evening we encounter Milady is suffering from the heat. With long-term load, the clutch less reliable …

At night we stay in Olite, North West Spain. Amidst windmill fields, we notice why when setting up the tents, they are all flapping. At night we sleep restlessly because of the wind.

Marokko 2015-07_006P
Marokko 2015-07_001
Marokko 2015-07_002
Marokko 2015-07_003
Marokko 2015-07_005

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