Last vacation day

The last day of our vacation, that was a holiday well spent and as I wrote earlier without any arguing or unsolvable things with Milady, just fine.

The motorway to Paris is busy, but we hardly have any traffic jam, only once at the toll gates traffic slowed down a bit.
Paris goes fairly easy, Garmin found an excellent route and soon we are near the Eiffel Tower, we can just get out of the car for photos, along with hundreds of others who leave the buses to capture this unique moment and place.

Marokko 2015-07_871
Marokko 2015-07_879
Marokko 2015-07_875

We drive through Paris and pass Notre Dame and then continue going, that still takes some time, but in itself it is a good drive.
Just north of Paris, we fill up one last time at the Intermarché and we eat a sandwich. Then we drive to Belgium.
In Schoten we have our last supper of mussels in Colmar, very good with drinks and desserts from the buffet.

I show Milady the places where I lived in Brasschaat  …

Marokko 2015-07_887

At 21:30 Milady drops off Marc and Saskia at their home and at 22:00 we are back home at the Grauwe Polder, so we can sleep in our own bed.

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