Today we drive to Asilah,

we find a campsite at the beach to just enjoy a day of Morocco and the sun. The drive is beautiful along deserted beaches and variety of agricultural areas. The roads are fine and we get along well even though we avoided the highway (all highways in Morocco seem to be toll roads). With the combination of the T4A map and the OSM map we are fine.

For lunch we stop in Larache where we just walk into the medina.

Marokko 2015-07_805
Marokko 2015-07_799

In the early afternoon we arrive at Camp as Saada, a bit of a faded campsite. The Belgians we meet in the course of the afternoon confirm that the site is a bit basic and we recommend them a few campsites we’ve had the last few days.

In the evening we walk along the beach and find a restaurant on the promenade, it is quite cozy with lots of people walking and going to the carnival. The restaurant is a bit basic but quite tasty. We decide to leave to Tangier a day earlier, so we have a little more time to drive back.

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