Such a lovely modern, well maintained campground, camping municipal Fuengirola, we all four enjoy plenty of free hot showers and breakfast at the bar of the campsite, tasty strong Spanish coffee and bread with marmelada. It strikes us it is much warmer here than in northern Morocco, typically what a difference the Gibraltar straight makes.

The route we have mapped out is from Malaga along Granada to Madrid and we avoid toll roads while we are still in Spain, Milady is doing fine, but we have to take care of the temperature, it is surely 35+. We keep the speed at 90 km/h and the temperature monitored, so we can still get along fine.

At noon we take a random exit and we enjoy a delicious lunch in a beautiful and well attended hotel / restaurant, really Spanish, with a nice beer and wine , just enjoy!

The campsite Osuna north of Madrid is nicely situated in a forest / park with shady areas under the trees. Again good sanitary and well maintained … and free wifi! We prepare a meal with whatever we have available at the campsite, and it tastes good.

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