Moroccan pancakes

Breakfast at the B&B consists of Moroccan pancakes with honey and tea or coffee. It tastes fine after the warm night, it was good to sleep in a real bed and thanks to the fans the heat was kept out alright.

Today we drive to Rabat, the road is pretty good, not too much Moroccan asphalt. The first part of the trip we ride at the foot of the Atlas with some spicy slopes.

Marokko 2015-07_644

In Rabat, we have chosen a campsite (Temara), which is fairly close to the center of the city, so tomorrow we can enjoy a day trip to this lovely old city. Unfortunately, the site appears to be closed for years, no trace is found between the hotels and tourist apartments. We look for a new site on the map (Mehdia plage), beautiful on the coast north of the city. Unfortunately, this site appears to be 3 months in maintenance and we can not camp here. 3 men chilling across tel us that further on another campsite is open. That I also found on the map (Kenitra, Camp de la Chenaie) and half an hour later we can set up our tent, we were the only guests.

At night we eat in the restaurant of the campsite and may order a beer and wine with the meal, quite tasty.

Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-24 21.43.47
Sonja Van den Berge - 2015-07-24 21.44.17

The food is also good to eat and we have a good time between the party Moroccans.
Unfortunately after we return to the campsite the party continues and we try to sleep with delicious Moroccan live music. Fortunately, the music stops at 6 am already and we can still sleep a few hours.[:]

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