The further north we get in Spain the colder it will be, I think. Well, not so it’s still hot up to the Pyrenees. One eye on the temperature gauge, keeping speed below 90km/h, Milady is doing fine,

Marokko 2015-07_854

Only at the last stop before the Pyrenees, I discover a beating sound in the drive, we find a garage in the Garmin and make that as an intermediate point. Before we get there, Saskia and Sonja discover a 4×4 garage along the road, we turn in and they appear to be Land Rover specialists, handy. The mechanic soon discovers that the brake linings of the transmission is loose in the drum and removes them, we will have to continue without the handbrake. Sonja and Saskia engage in conversation with the lady behind the counter who turns out to be the boss’s wife. They’re driving in a Land Rover and join the Morocco 4×4 Chalenge, quite a challenge to Saskia and Marc’s knowledge.

After this unexpected stop we continue the Pyrenees, up to Andorra la Vella is a good climb and the site that I have chosen (there is also one in town that would have been convenient to us ;-)) is still some 10 km into the mountains.

The camp is beautifully situated considering lots of campers are walkers with all kinds of hiking trails and a golf course that ends at the campsite. We eat in the restaurant on site and have to wear a sweater in the evening, pretty good actually.
Overnight it rains.

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