We have breakfast at the campsite in Rabat with bread from the bakery and remain at the camp to do some chores. Marc and I commit some needed maintenance on Milady and Sonja and Saskia doing laundry (why roles …).

Marokko 2015-07_648

We jack the front of Milady and find out that the wheel bearings have clearance, we take them apart and tighten them, we also tighten the steering relay. We maintain the steering wheel bearing with a drop of (olive) oil so it no longer squeaks. Milady is ready for the rest of our journey.

Marokko 2015-07_647

At 3 PM we leave for Rabat.
The mini taxi (actually for max. 3 persons) takes us to the station in Kenitra and we take the train to the city, a beautiful station, and the train is modern and clean. We take a seat in a compartment with three Moroccan men. Nice to view the scenery from the train.

From the Rabat station we walk (advised by a gentleman who appeals to us) to the old town. The main street is a bit boring with many small shops and restaurants. Once we leave this road we arrive at the small shops and narrow alleys. In a shop where Sonja and Saskia buy pants and scarves the seller offers to guide us through the city. He shows us all kinds of beautiful places of the city, a carpet weaver in an ancient nomads hotel,

Marokko 2015-07_686

and a beautiful riad / palace where we may take our pictures in the bed of the sultan

Marokko 2015-07_738
Marokko 2015-07_729

and on the roof admire a beautiful panorama of the city. The streets are getting narrower and it gradually becomes darker.

When we arrive at the sea we say goodbye to our guide and find a good seafood restaurant. We treat ourselves to a nice seafood platter and for Marc a tasty meat dish, delicious with a glass of wine.

Marokko 2015-07_781

A taxi takes us back to the station and as we arrive at the camp we hear there is another party in the bar of the campsite.
When eventually the music stopsĀ at 5 am the imam reminds us that we are in Morocco and the sun is almost up…

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