Tangier Med

Our last day in Morocco, we leave this lovely welcoming country today via Tangier Med. Pity it’s already over, but we’ve had a great time, all four. Of course, we knew each other as friends, but this experiment has certainly succeeded and Marc and Saskia may even come to visit during our trip next year. Milady has also done well, despite the heat and the related complaints, all went smoothly, I am proud …

Today we leave early and have breakfast with bread from the bakery and cereal which we have, long live the Engel refrigerator that has managed to keep our cottage cheese so tasty fresh and cool.

The drive to Tanger Med, where the ferry departs, first leads along the Atlantic coast where we come along beautiful unspoilt beaches and where the morning fog slowly lifts.
Tangier appears to be a large modern city, apparently with a lovely old town, which we don’t see today, the traffic is quite busy but well organized and Garmin leads us easily. Around half past two we arrive at the ferry where we check-in and experience customs formalities. Once past customs we take one last Moroccan lunch, fries and a burger and a salad for Sonja. Marc and Saskia care for their addiction and buy cheap (cheaper than Andorra) cigarettes and rolling tobacco.

Marokko 2015-07_823

The boat leaves at 15:00 and takes us to Algeciras in 2 hours, we’re wasting time writing this travelogue and enjoy the sea view, inside it is clean and air conditioned, outside is hot and it becomes hotter as we get closer to Spain.

Marokko 2015-07_813
Marokko 2015-07_825

In Spain, we drive to Fuengirola, near Malaga, the camping Municipal, just off the main road, today we do not take toll roads yet …

On our way we discover a delicious Spanish supermarket, so we eat at the camp after we have a little swim in the Mediterranean.

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