The Baobab

Across Africa, we encounter my favorite tree, the baobab.

In the first months of our trip the baobab was mainly a dry tree “with the roots up”. Once we saw a flowering baobab in Namibia, which I wrote about then.

In Tanzania, in late November, early December, we see the baobabs are greener and are blooming again, a beautiful sight.

Baobabs we see throughout Africa, but they are not everywhere, sometimes you suddenly see a group and sometimes a whole bunch.

Later in our trip we see baobabs full of leafs and in South Africa we visit the Sunland Baobab which is reportedly 6,000 years old and has a circumference of 40 meters.

Unfortunately, three months ago a piece of the tree broke off, so the bar in the tree has now become an open-air cafe.

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