To the Lofoten

After the city of Bergen and Edvard Grieg we leave the south of Norway and set course for the Lofoten islands. We look for a campsite in Loen and drive via the spectacular Geirangerfjord for a short visit to Ålesund. Then we decide to speed up and drive in 3 days to Bodø for the ferry to the Lofoten islands. Along the way we meet Daphne and Koos and have a pleasant evening and morning together.

Sande Camping in Loen

From Bergen we take smaller roads to the north. Sometimes we drive along fjords, or take a ferry, at other times we are high in the snowy mountains. The Norwegian landscape is challengingly varied.

It has been since Oslo since we have stayed at a campsite. So we drive to Loen, a small village at the end of the Faleidfjorden, a little further on is the Sande Camping on the Lovatnet lake. A nice place to process some impressions and to enjoy the comfort of this campsite. There is a common room that we like to use and where we have a beautiful view. We are the only guests so we can enjoy this luxury indefinitely.

We are not alone every day, on the last day we are joined by Tone and her daughter who sleep together in a tent, cold…

The Geirangervegen and the Geirangerfjord

Via roads 60 and 15 we arrive in the mountains south of Geiranger on the Geirangervegen. A spectacular drive across this plateau and back down to the fjord leads to the town of Geiranger.

In summer, Geiranger is a bustling place, now even the public toilet is closed…

We do walk into the souvenir shop, there are nice coats hanging outside, on sale. Inside I love warm sheep wool house shoes. When I pay them, we meet Els from Egmond who runs the store this season.

We continue on road 60, up the mountain again on the other side of the fjord. At the viewpoint a little further on we pause for our lunch.


Then we drive on to Ålesund with a low sun.

The days are getting shorter the further north we go, the photo above is from 4pm.
We also meet Ålesund at twilight, we park our Milady at the harbor and walk into town for a while.

That evening we decide, when we are back in our house, that we will continue to the north the next day.

On our way to the Northern Lights

We are on our way to the Northern Lights, at least that’s what we promised each other. The chance of that is high in the Lofoten, so we’re going to make kilometers.

The E6 to Northern Norway is mostly a two-lane road and the avoid highways setting of OSMAnd doesn’t give much choice. Despite that, we always enjoy the changing landscapes and take the time to enjoy a break here and there.

We already visited Trondheim in 2018, so we drive past that city for a simple camping spot in the wild. It is freezing, so the environment is beautiful.

Daphne and Koos

Along the way we have contact with Daphne and Koos. They’re traveling the other way, now from north to south, so we’ll meet somewhere on the E6. When they cross the Arctic Circle in a southerly direction, we are still on the E6 in the snow. A little later they talk about rain, that sounds unbelievable, we drive for hours on snowy roads. Only when we arrive at our meeting point does the snow turn into sleet and later bleak rain with a strong wind.

They invite us inside their camper and we have a pleasant afternoon and evening together. We exchange a lot of travel stories, enjoy each other with our world travel plans and talk about the other things that keep us busy. Daphne cooks a delicious vegetable curry and we provide a matching wine (from a pack from Lidl in Denmark 😚😉).

The next morning we have breakfast together in Milady Landy and continue chatting about the most diverse topics. Nice to be in line like this. We agree that we will continue to follow each other and think that we will certainly meet again during our travels.

Then we each go our own way, they go back to the Netherlands via Southern Norway, we go to the North.

It’s still raining as we drive on. The rain turns to snow when we get to the Arctic Circle, we can’t get to the visitor center.

The ferry in Bodø

That day the rain doesn’t stop. It is also wet in Bodø, where we are early in the afternoon to take the ferry to Moskenes on the Lofoten Islands. We spend some time in the indoor shopping center and are well in time for the 15:15 ferry.

Together with a French overlander and some Norwegian cars we have plenty of space when we drive onto the boat. The settlement of the costs of the ferry is, as always in Norway, via our licence plate, we will receive the bill later.

We have chosen a nice spot, in front of the boat, with a good view. Only, we don’t see a thing, because the sun is down and the clouds are thick. The sea is black and we feel the swell, but the crossing is calm enough to read our book and relax. About 3.5 hours later we arrive in a dark Moskenes on the Lofoten.

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