We enter Norway and visit Oslo

On November 1, 2021 we will enter Norway and on November 2 and 3 we will visit Oslo. Actually that is too short for a city visit, but we are on our way to the north and still want to see so much of this special country. We see the new Munch museum, visit the Deichman Library and stroll through the Vigeland park.

The border to Norway

We try to take a picture with our Dutch clog house shoes every time we cross a border, so also at this border.

This border crossing is special, it must have been closed during the pandemic, the signs with corona restrictions and closed due to corona are still next to the road.

Further on are the “signposts” to Norway and Sweden.

City visit to Oslo

The camping

There is one campsite open this season, the city camping Bogstad Camping Oslo.
From the campsite, bus 32 takes you to the center of the city. We take a 24 hour bus pass through the RuterBillet app, it works easily and you can pay for your tickets via your credit card or PayPal.

Next to the campsite is a Kiwi supermarket, reminds us of our New Zealand friends Melissa and Chris.

The new Munch museum

The new Munch museum has only been open for 2 weeks. We go there on spec and lucky it’s a weekday, we can buy tickets at the counter.

The building itself is worth a visit. A beautiful open construction with a distant view over the city on the top floor.

Exhibitions of works by and with Edvard Munch on 7 of the 13 floors. The co-exhibitors are also nicely linked to Munch.

Furthermore, of course, a selection of work by Munch. We are always amazed by the productivity and versatility of this artist. From tiny to huge and wall-filling and with similarities with “The Scream” and with Van Gogh.

By the way, “The Scream” is exhibited in three guises. One of the three is visible, a different one every hour, the others are then covered with black shutters. We were able to see two.

Deichman Public Library

Our visit to Munch lasted from 11am to nearly 2pm. Afterwards we had a lovely lunch at Centropa, the restaurant of the Deichman public library.

The library building itself is brand new, it opened in 2020. The Deichman Institute, Oslo’s public library, has been around since 1785. We take the escalator to the top floor and are surprised by the amount of visitors and students in the various rooms of the library. It’s a pleasure just to walk around.

The Opera building

Sonja has been to the Oslo Opera next door before. She was very impressed with the inside with all the woodwork and light.

A walk on the roof and around the building is also very impressive.

Akershus Festning

From this district we take a bus to the Akershus Festning. Nice for an autumn walk.

Vigeland park

Tram 12 takes us to the Vigeland park. It is already getting dark, but that does not prevent us from gazing at the rich collection of images by Gustav Vigeland. These are on public display here, wonderful.

Tired but satisfied we arrive back at the campsite in the dark. The next day we use to process our impressions.

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