Zigzag through France (part 3/4)

Jura, Alps and the Provence

After our family visit in Freiburg, maybe more about that later, we drive through France in a completely different landscape and climate. The mountains get higher and the temperatures more extreme.

Chrysanthemums are sold everywhere in pots, we noticed that before. We realize that today is All Saints Day (November 1) and tomorrow All Souls Day (November 2). Catholic cemeteries are colorfully decorated with chrysanthemums and other flowers in memory of the deceased.

begraafplaats op 2 november

2-11-2019: We visit the Baume-les Messieurs abbey, a gem of silence. We light a candle for those who are dear to us.

The nearby waterfall has enough water this season and it is quiet enough to enjoy the silence with the falling water.

3-11-2019: The next day we drive through the Jura and the Alps, beautiful fall colors and despite the rain, beautiful views and landscapes. We are not aware of the bad weather that is raging over France and northern Italy today, only the Alpine passes in France have been closed.

That’s how we travel through northwest Italy to cross the Alps to the Mediterranean.

The night in the Alps at over 1360 m is cold (-2 °C), but our heating (in the evening) and eider-down (at night) keep us warm. Nice to experience that these circumstances do not surprise us.

4-11-2019: When have crossed the Alps, still unaware of the bad weather, we are surprised by a wonderful warm autumn sun in Menton. Great to get some vitamins.

5-11-2019: We travel further along the Côte d’Azur and find beautiful places to let our Milady Landy stay overnight, this is our favorite:

6-11-2019: The next morning we are awakened by the rising sun over the Mediterranean Sea.

We travel further west when Sonja sees a road sign to the Gorge du Verdon, that will be a beautiful ride through a surprisingly green landscape. We end with a lunch on the beach of the Lac-de-Sainte-Croix.

We look for a campsite and we find a somewhat decaying Camping Municipal in Saint-Martin-de-Crau.
We are now close to the ultimate goal of yesterday’s journey, the Camargue.

7-11-2019: When we drive into the area we are soon surprised by dozens of flamingos, wild horses and bulls.

We even see a beaver rat eating his breakfast.

In the Parc Ornithologique de Pont de Gau we can fully indulge our eyes, hundreds of flamingos, herons and other water birds live here in a beautiful natural environment. We take a nice extended walk through the park and enjoy ourselves to the full.

8-11-2019: To regain some culture after all that overwhelming nature we visit Narbonne, a beautiful cathedral in a beautifully preserved city center.

The canal through the city enlivens the city with new and old boats.

to be continued…

2 thoughts on “Zigzag through France (part 3/4)”

  1. Hi,
    We’re living between toulouse and pamiers and we’ll be happy to offer you the hospitality of our house. We did an african circonvulation ten years ago and we’re looking to set our defender like yours.
    Hope you still around and we’ll met to tchat.
    Marc and Klo

    • Hi Marc and Klo,
      We’re in Spain right now on our way to Morocco. Maybe later next year we may be able to meet.
      It would be nice to share experience together.
      Greetings from Gert Jan and Sonja


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