Bye bye old Milady Landy

Goodbye to the old Milady Landy

On February 23rd 2019 we said goodbye to the oldMilady Landy.

Our travel car has found a worthy new home with the Sierdsma family in Friesland. Henk-Paul and Naomi and their two daughters are very happy with their new “experience” as Naomi called the car.

De nieuwe eigenaren van Milady Landy, de familie Sierdsma

After the visit on Saturday 16 February Henk-Paul and Naomi came to pick up the Land Rover 109 on Saturday morning, February 23 with a truck and trailer.

Milady Landy goes on transport

On the way Naomi takes some nice pictures

And after a safe ride the car can enter a barn again:

Have fun with this special car!

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