SOLD Milady Landy is for sale

Land Rover 109

  • old timer;
  • series 3;
  • 1980 (tax free next year);
  • diesel 200(t)di (revised in 2016);
  • 73.578 miles;
  • right hand drive;

Completely restored by the current owner.

Ready for camping adventures (see extras below).


  • seats/benches in the back (when the cupboards are not installed) ;
  • lots of space;
  • spare wheel on the rear door;
  • lots of traveling experience, a.o. 6 months of Africa;


  • New cable loom in the chassis;
  • 2nd fuel tank;
  • Heavy radiator;
  • Electrical temperature-switched fan for extra cooling;
  • Wing protectors;
  • Steering damper;
  • 200 (T)DI engine;
  • Sound-proofing of engine and interior;
  • Battery compartment under the front seat with Anderson-connection;
  • Extra lighting front and back;
  • LED-lighting (indicators, city-lights and rear lighting);
  • 2 Defender car seats front;

Overland equipment (included):

  • Roof rack over the entire length of the car;
  • 2nd battery prepared (battery not included);
  • Water tank with pump, drinking water filter and tap;
  • Roof tent with cover and bottom-tent;
  • Interior with cupboards and folding table on the back door (Coleman cooker is available at extra cost);
  • 2 seats in the back;
  • Sand plates attached to the side;
  • Fixing point for Hi Lift Jack;
  • Toilet seat 😉 ;
  • Solar panel (no longer available);

Necessary improvement/repairs:

  • Rear brakes need maintenance;
  • Revise gearbox;
  • Reattach the ceiling-cover;
  • Repair left fender;
  • Extra lights front, repair or replace;

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