Mounting a steering damper

For those who like a little more steering comfort with a Land Rover Series III: how to mount a steering damper.

On our vacation in Morocco in 2015, I felt sometimes that my steering started shaking / jiggling / vibrate when I drove through a hole or ledge with both front wheels, I think this is an opportunity to improve steering comfort.

Step 1: Place blocks behind and in front one of the rear wheels, raise front of the car on axle stands (safety first).

Milady 2015-08-22_001

I’ve unpacked the new damper.

This is the place where the damper is to be mounted on the chassis, easy, the mounting point is already included.

Milady 2015-08-22_003

Even on the steering rod an eye has been welded:

Milady 2015-08-22_004
Milady 2015-08-22_010

I then pressed the damper and fixed it with a piece of rope.

Milady 2015-08-22_006

Now it’s a matter of pushing it in the eyes on both sides and attach the supplied plastic bushings, washers and nuts.

Milady 2015-08-22_011

And so it is ready installed:

Milady 2015-08-22_012

My first test ride showed that the steering of Milady is quieter, it needs less correcting while driving. I wonder how that will appeal over time and if I will have a better driving experience on rugged roads …

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