Winterizing our Milady and ourselves.

In recent times we have paid a lot of attention to winterizing the car and ourselves.

We expect to be well prepared for the coming winter conditions.

Winterizing Milady

I had previously made our car reasonably winter-ready with the extra canvas on the outside of the pop-up roof.

I also insulated the water tank after our Moroccan adventure and provided it with a heating element. Over the past month I have provided the water pipes, the pump and the filter with a heating tape and thermal insulation. (In the video below you can see the uninsulated tank and installation)

The insulated pipes and filter with right above the switching relay of the pipe and tank heating.

Our Wallas cooker still works fine and the heating function of this appliance can also keep our interior warm.

We also like the insulation that we can attach to the inside of the windows, in the summer the car stays reasonably cool in the sun and in the winter the worst cold of the windows is kept outside.

Recently I installed a Webasto cooling water heater in the engine. This heats the cooling water so that on the one hand the engine is preheated in extreme cold and on the other hand the interior is heated via the car heater. That gives some extra comfort.

From summer to winter

We always have all the clothes with us. In the summer, the winter clothes are stored in the luggage box on the roof.

We have now selected the summer clothes for ourselves and put them away for storage.

Our summer clothes in vacuum bags.

We each picked out our own pile of clothes and divided them neatly into our luggage bags.

Sonja’s winter clothes
Gert Jan’s winter clothes

For winter conditions we each have 3 sets of thermal underwear and the necessary hats, scarves and gloves. For the really cold weather we bought snow boots.

1 thought on “Winterizing our Milady and ourselves.”

  1. Goeie reis, Sonja en Gert Jan!

    Met mooie herinneringen aan de Trans-Ardeense route, waar we Paul en Sonja hebben ontmoet. We wensen jullie minstens evenveel plezier op jullie tocht. Hou jullie warm!


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