The Baobab

baobab in Tanzania

Across Africa, we encounter my favorite tree, the baobab. In the first months of our trip the baobab was mainly a dry tree “with the roots up”. Once we saw a flowering baobab in Namibia, which I wrote about then. In Tanzania, in late November, early December, we see the baobabs are greener and are … Read more The Baobab

Bye Botswana, Hello Zambia

September 4 was our last day in Botswana with a memorable camping at the end. September 5 we enter Zambia. The day started early at Planet Baobab campsite, which hosts a lot of impressive baobabs all over the site, this really is my favorite tree! We were the only campers in the bar/restaurant with mostly local guests and a family … Read more Bye Botswana, Hello Zambia

Unexpected encounter with Katenya Pituatho.

Between Ghanzi and Guma, there are 13 Etsha villages. The residents of Etsha are refugees from Angola who lived a long time in Caprivi. During the war in 1969 between Angola and South Africa especially the Caprivi was the battleground and Hambukushu fled south to Botswana. Initially to Shakawe but later they were housed in … Read more Unexpected encounter with Katenya Pituatho.

Camping in Botswana

During our first two nights in Botswana we had several special encounters. The first night we spent in Ghanzi, a town on the route from the Namibian border to the Okavango. Incidentally, about the border, our first African, a special experience. No pictures, that is not appreciated at government buildings. After the ceremony on the Namibian side … Read more Camping in Botswana