Shipping the car to Namibia

Milady Landy in the Antwerp Harbour

Shipping to Namibia Because we regularly get questions about shipping our Milady to Africa, I have listed the relevant information. We have shipped the car roro via Antwerp with NMT shipping and Sharaf Namibia for clearance in Namibia.The cost of our car is as follows: NMT Shipping exchange rate, €1= Home-Antwerp by truck € 150,00 … Read more

The Baobab

baobab in Tanzania

Across Africa, we encounter my favorite tree, the baobab. In the first months of our trip the baobab was mainly a dry tree “with the roots up”. Once we saw a flowering baobab in Namibia, which I wrote about then. In Tanzania, in late November, early December, we see the baobabs are greener and are … Read more

Blooming Baobab

Wherever we travel in Africa we see Baobab trees, big trees “with the roots up.”During our adventure in Namibia we see them mostly in the north, more arid Damaraland and Kaokoland. I’m always a little impressed when I see these primeval trees, they must have stood there for ages and they seem to survive all … Read more

A special visit to the Himba

What I experienced on Saturday, August 13, I will never forget. In the morning I had a conversation with Wenten, the manager of the campground where we stayed. When I asked if it was possible to get acquainted with the Himba, he told me that he himself was a Himba and could accompany us to … Read more

From Swakopmund to Ugab Rhino Camp

Wednesday, August 10 We drive from Swakopmund to Ugab Rhino Camp. The first part of the road to Cape Cross is well motorable gravel road. After a few hours’ drive we arrive at Cape Cross. This is an incredibly large seal colony. There the seals we saw in Walvis Bay, disappear into nothingness. Hundreds of barking, smelly … Read more

The dentist in Walvisbay

Unexpectedly I got to know the dentist in Walvis Bay.On Tuesday afternoon 2-8 I bit my crown when eating a sandwich. I had this tooth checked in advance in the Netherlands at the dentist because I sometimes experienced slight pain in that tooth. Unfortunately, my Etten-Leur dentist did not notice anything then. On Wednesday we … Read more