Shipping the car to Namibia

Milady Landy in the Antwerp Harbour

Shipping to Namibia Because we regularly get questions about shipping our Milady to Africa, I have listed the relevant information. We have shipped the car roro via Antwerp with NMT shipping and Sharaf Namibia for clearance in Namibia.The cost of our car is as follows: NMT Shipping exchange rate, €1= Home-Antwerp by truck € 150,00 … Read more

In the Paper

We are in the paper! This article was published in the local newspaper BNDeStem (translated below): Also on Milady Landy is ready for the dream trip Etten-Leur inhabitants Sonja van den Berge and Gert Jan ter Haar get into their Land Rover for the adventure of their lives. They are mocked by many a friend, family … Read more


Now the date of shipment of Milady comes closer, packing can take place.I want to have everything in the car so grabby hands at the port or elsewhere cannot easily reach the gear. The lower-right cabinet contains all the spare parts, a crate with dry food (muesli and dry meals), some tools and other camping … Read more