Tanzania, Christmas in 2 Minutes

crazy family, Christmas at Mahaba beach, Dar es Salam, Tanzania

Part 12 of 18 of the adventures of Milady Landy in Africa. Tanzania, Christmas all together An impression of our travels in Tanzania, Christmas in about two minutes. More on our adventures in Tanzania on these pages.

Tanzania (part 2) in 2 Minutes

Milady Landy with Maasai, Maasai land, Tanzania

Part 8 of 18 of the adventures of Milady Landy in Africa. Tanzania, family and friends An impression of our travels in Tanzania (part 2) in about two minutes. More on our adventures in Tanzania (part 2) on these pages.

The Baobab

baobab in Tanzania

Across Africa, we encounter my favorite tree, the baobab. In the first months of our trip the baobab was mainly a dry tree “with the roots up”. Once we saw a flowering baobab in Namibia, which I wrote about then. In Tanzania, in late November, early December, we see the baobabs are greener and are … Read more

Goodbye dear crazy sister

Annemarie, Sonja and Gert Jan, Iringa, Tanzania

From 22 November to 7 December Annemarie travels with us, great to share literally a little piece of our adventure with my dear sister. We share the beautiful countryside in Arusha National Park, Serengeti and Ruaha National Park. She enjoys with us many views, the cozy villages, the markets and the multicolored people. We have time … Read more

Serengeti full of surprises

lion, Serengeti, Tanzania

After we said goodbye to Oledaniel (see Travelling Maasai-land) we leave for the Serengeti. This is a pictorial representation of our first day. Unfortunately, on that first day an unexpected end, Milady almost literally went down on her knees in the middle of the Serengeti.Fortunately, here too, as always, help is available and after a few hours … Read more

Travelling Maasai land

child, Maasai village, Maasai land near Arusha, Tanzania

From 25 to 28 November, we travel through Maasai land, roughly the area between Arusha and Mwanza (hence the Serengeti is also in, but more on that later). After the Arusha National Park we sleep near Arusha at the Meserani Snake Park Camping. This campsite, the snake park and the Maasai museum are set up … Read more

Arusha National Park

giraffe, Arusha National Park, Tanzania

From the slopes of Kilimanjaro we head for Arusha National Park. Arranging a phone card for Annemarie takes a little longer than expected. Therefore we decide to drive to the Colobus Mountain Camp Site just outside the Ngongongare gate of the park. For Annemarie we put up the tent under our roof tent, there is … Read more