The Baobab

baobab in Tanzania

Across Africa, we encounter my favorite tree, the baobab. In the first months of our trip the baobab was mainly a dry tree “with the roots up”. Once we saw a flowering baobab in Namibia, which I wrote about then. In Tanzania, in late November, early December, we see the baobabs are greener and are … Read more

An unusual place to sleep

an unusual camping spot, village, Zambia

Today we want to drive from CrocqValley South Luwanga NP to Isoka. In Lundazi we do some shopping and refuel Milady. A few kilometers further, the road to Isoka seems to be very rough! What a surprise;) We notice that it is practically impossible to reach Isoka before dark. Around 5 pm we decide to stop … Read more

On the road to Lusaka

After our visit to the orphans project in Zambezi we left for Lusaka, capital of Zambia. Along the way we have “just” done Kafue National Park.That “just” is obviously meant cynical. The route we had planned to Kafue avoided the bad road that we took earlier to Zambezi. It all started well, asphalt roads without potholes … Read more

Visit to the project ‘Agape Orphans Home-Based Care’ in Zambezi

Originally, the trip to Zambezi, a town on the border with Angola, was not planned in our itinerary. Due to the enthusiastic story of Trees (Eggenkamp) on the project ‘Agape Orphans Home Based Care’, we changed our travel plans and departed from Mongu to Zambezi to visit this project. The road was very diverse and on … Read more