Overlander meeting 2021 in Ranst (B)

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 we will participate in the Overlanders meeting in Ranst. This meeting is organized by Overlanders.be vzw, a Flemish organization that focuses on providing information to overlanders and organizes an annual Overlanders meeting. During the weekend we will give a presentation about “Making travel our life”. It is an interesting … Read more

CO2 compensation of our kilometers

We drive with an old diesel car, a Land Rover Defender 130, our Milady Landy. That’s not the most environmentally friendly car, so we decided to compensate for the miles we drive by investing in trees in Uganda. Eco-Friendly Travel I borrowed this title from the ANWB-Kampioen, the article in the Kampioen of July/August 2021 … Read more

Unknown to us: Eastern France, The Vosges and The Alsace

The French climate shows us all extremes, from extreme heat to thunderstorms, but we especially enjoy the surprising landscapes and beautiful French cities and villages. The deep forests with beautiful lakes of the Vosges and the green valleys with extensive vineyards of Alsace, everything is new to us. We have not discovered this part of … Read more