Overlander meeting 2021 in Ranst (B)

From Friday 3 to Sunday 5 we will participate in the Overlanders meeting in Ranst. This meeting is organized by Overlanders.be vzw, a Flemish organization that focuses on providing information to overlanders and organizes an annual Overlanders meeting. During the weekend we will give a presentation about “Making travel our life”. It is an interesting … Read more

How we experienced walking the Pieterpad in 29 days.

From April 4 to May 2, 2021 we, Sonja and Gert Jan walk the Pieterpad, traveling for a month without our Milady Landy, she is parked in Breda. The Pieterpad is the longest long-distance path in the Netherlands from the northern Pieterburen in Groningen to the southern Sint-Pietersberg in Maastricht, Limburg, about 500 km long. … Read more