3 months of Scandinavia in the autumn and winter of 2021, the route.

In this blog we look back on 3 months of traveling through Scandinavia in the autumn and winter of 2021. This is the route we took, from Etten-Leur to the ferry in Helsinki to Tallin, 9,640 km: We recorded our route with a Spot X, 2-Way Satellite Messenger. This means that we can be followed … Read more

Southern Finland, more wintry forest and a small accident

After the desolate north, with Santa Claus and wild life, we drive through Southern Finland. Also here more forest and snow, slippery roads with a small accident as a result. The Finnish forests Driving through the Finnish forests in winter is a challenge in itself. After each snow shower, the main roads are thoroughly cleaned. … Read more

Northern Finland and Santa Claus

On the return journey from the North Cape, we drive through Northern Norway and Northern Finland, Lapland, and visit Santa Claus in Rovaniemi. The far north is mostly barren, with snow plains and frozen lakes. Later the landscape changes into forest, forest, forest and lakes, lakes, lakes with lots of snow and ice and slippery … Read more