Zigzag through France (part 3/4)

Jura, Alps and the Provence After our family visit in Freiburg, maybe more about that later, we drive through France in a completely different landscape and climate. The mountains get higher and the temperatures more extreme. Chrysanthemums are sold everywhere in pots, we noticed that before. We realize that today is All Saints Day (November … Read more

Zigzag through France (part 1/4)

Normandy, Brittany and Paris Although we both speak reasonable French, we never really got to know France. Paris is Sonja’s favorite city and we can both appreciate French cuisine, but we only visited the country a handful of times. We therefore decide after the impressive days at the Normandy liberation beaches , to experience a … Read more

Visiting Famlily and Friends and a little work to the Car

In the run-up to our trip we visited friends and family in the Netherlands and Belgium. But first we visited Paul van der Beek from PSP ExpeditionCampers to mount an extra roof rail on our lifting roof. The next day we visit Obelink in Winterswijk and buy some missing camping gear. Brother Peter, lives in … Read more

The Large Travel Plan

After our great Africa adventure in 2016-17, we decided to investigate whether we can make traveling our life. In order to realize this plan, we have studied our finances and extensively discussed our large plan with our children. After months of hard work, we made the decision in the course of 2017, we will stop … Read more