Last vacation day

The last day of our vacation, that was a holiday well spent and as I wrote earlier without any arguing or unsolvable things with Milady, just fine. The motorway to Paris is busy, but we hardly have any traffic jam, only once at the toll gates traffic slowed down a bit.Paris goes fairly easy, Garmin found an excellent route … Read more


Such a lovely modern, well maintained campground, camping municipal Fuengirola, we all four enjoy plenty of free hot showers and breakfast at the bar of the campsite, tasty strong Spanish coffee and bread with marmelada. It strikes us it is much warmer here than in northern Morocco, typically what a difference the Gibraltar straight makes. … Read more

Tangier Med

Our last day in Morocco, we leave this lovely welcoming country today via Tangier Med. Pity it’s already over, but we’ve had a great time, all four. Of course, we knew each other as friends, but this experiment has certainly succeeded and Marc and Saskia may even come to visit during our trip next year. Milady has … Read more


Today we drive to Asilah, we find a campsite at the beach to just enjoy a day of Morocco and the sun. The drive is beautiful along deserted beaches and variety of agricultural areas. The roads are fine and we get along well even though we avoided the highway (all highways in Morocco seem to … Read more


We have breakfast at the campsite in Rabat with bread from the bakery and remain at the camp to do some chores. Marc and I commit some needed maintenance on Milady and Sonja and Saskia doing laundry (why roles …). We jack the front of Milady and find out that the wheel bearings have clearance, we … Read more

Moroccan pancakes

Breakfast at the B&B consists of Moroccan pancakes with honey and tea or coffee. It tastes fine after the warm night, it was good to sleep in a real bed and thanks to the fans the heat was kept out alright. Today we drive to Rabat, the road is pretty good, not too much Moroccan asphalt. … Read more

High Atlas

Today we are going to cross the High Atlas, the way we drive is recommended to us by the patron of Camp Jurrasique, he drove it several times with his private car. We have breakfast in the tent and leave in time so we can take advantage of the coolness of the morning. The asphalt … Read more