Last vacation day

The last day of our vacation, that was a holiday well spent and as I wrote earlier without any arguing or unsolvable things with Milady, just fine. The motorway to Paris is busy, but we hardly have any traffic jam, only once at the toll gates traffic slowed down a bit.Paris goes fairly easy, Garmin found an excellent route … Read more

Into Spain

Today we drive from France into Spain We leave at 8:00 am, put coffee and fetched croissants and bread. Then we set off again. We first look for a supermarket to do shopping at the French Intermarché, lovely to walk in a French supermarket. On the way a lot of holiday traffic and congestion at Bordeaux, we … Read more

Etten-Leur to St. Cyr

Today we drive from Etten-Leur to St. Cyr Sonja and I left at 8:15 to pick up Marc and Saskia, Sonja has forgotten her shoes, so back again to pick them up … Eventually we left at 9am at the Grauwe Polder. Along the way we stopped in Antwerp to drop off Michiel’s shoes. When driving away … Read more