Such a lovely modern, well maintained campground, camping municipal Fuengirola, we all four enjoy plenty of free hot showers and breakfast at the bar of the campsite, tasty strong Spanish coffee and bread with marmelada. It strikes us it is much warmer here than in northern Morocco, typically what a difference the Gibraltar straight makes. … Read more

Tangier Med

Our last day in Morocco, we leave this lovely welcoming country today via Tangier Med. Pity it’s already over, but we’ve had a great time, all four. Of course, we knew each other as friends, but this experiment has certainly succeeded and Marc and Saskia may even come to visit during our trip next year. Milady has … Read more

Ferry to Morocco

Today we drove the last stretch to the ferry to Morocco. We get our ticket at Viajes Normandy in Algeciras, this intriguing intimacy is one of the many ticket offices that we encounter along the way and like the other frequented by Moroccans traveling to Morocco from all parts of Europe. It is our turn quickly … Read more

Reunion with Bryan

Today we visit Bryan, my former colleague. Milady has cooled down and we slept great on our beers … We take coffee and nothing else (for there is no bread) at the bar. In the village of Ana we find a bakery and buy two bags of croissants (chocolate appears later) for a driving breakfast. … Read more

Right through Spanje

Today we leave for our trip through Spain. The wind has died down, we take coffee at the bar and a croissant, at 9 pm we are ready to go and we accept the challenge of the Spanish roads. They appear to be so good that we decide not to take any more toll roads. That … Read more

Into Spain

Today we drive from France into Spain We leave at 8:00 am, put coffee and fetched croissants and bread. Then we set off again. We first look for a supermarket to do shopping at the French Intermarch√©, lovely to walk in a French supermarket. On the way a lot of holiday traffic and congestion at Bordeaux, we … Read more