Solar panel

We have bought a solar panel. During our overland trip we don’t expect to drive each day, but the fridge needs to cool and we want a light at our tent at night. Our choice is a 80 watt solar panel of Gerritsma Makkum Kleine Zonnepanelen. It was delivered by DHL nicely packed in a … Read more


The interior of a Land Rover must of course be as basic as possible, but because we have a plan to go overlanding there must be sufficient space. In 2015 Morocco Marc and Saskia will ride with us in the Land Rover, so first of all we must first ensure enough (safe) seats. The front seats I … Read more

Interior and engine bay lighting

Just to share my experience with the application of interior lighting in Milady Landy.Through I bought a roll of LED strip (Waterproof 72W 3000LM 3500K 300-5050 SMD LED, warm white, 5 meters long, € 12.74 incl. Shipping).Of these, I glued a strip of approximately 2 m on two sides of the inside gutter.Wire to it … Read more

Roof Tent

Through we bought a roof tent for Milady Landy. We were bound to have a weekend in Bruges to pick up the tent and could also attach a family visit, not at all annoying. The previous owner purchased the tent through When I emailed them asking if they wanted to help me assemble the … Read more