Improved crankshaft pulley

Recently I was stopped green laning with a damaged crankshaft pulley. During our trip to Morocco in the summer of 2015 and recently during the Spring Rally of the Land Rover club it happened again. When off-roading the front axle touches the pulley with a bang causing the pulley to be dented. In this case, also the V-belt got of … Read more Improved crankshaft pulley

Restoration bodywork (2)

Finally the restoration of the bodywork comes to an end. The roof had been stored behind the barn for years, was cleaned, sanded and primered. Ultimately, this is also covered in a beautiful new coat of paint, Land Rover Limestone, my first paint job, quite a difficult first spray, but it’s pretty neat I can say. Then … Read more Restoration bodywork (2)

Disassembly (1)

After eighteen months standstill (some things still had to be done in the house) I started dismantling the Landy in April 2009. Actually I started this whole adventure by downloading and printing the repair operation manual, a good source for this is: www.landroverweb.comI OCR-ed the files so they are searchable, now I can take the manual on the … Read more Disassembly (1)