And then, finally I was able to sort out the cabling and connect all the wires to instruments and lamps. A true puzzle, using the wiring diagram I have labeled all the wires, which was quite a drudgery. but finally I was able to find all the wires and could start the large installation In the engine compartment, I … Read more

Build up

After the restoration and extensive spraying I could finally begin to build Milady Landy. The engine and gearbox were there already and the bulkhead was mounted (and thus sprayed where I had covered the rest adequately). When fitting, I have covered the engine side of the bulkhead with bitumen tape (of the Hornbach) against most … Read more

Restore bodywork (1)

The restoration of the bodywork of a Series Land Rover does not need to be large, that is to say in the case of the aluminum bodywork and no contact-corrosion has taken place. However, of course, standard parts had to be addressed, the dash panel, the door frames and the doors themselves …

Restore chassis

After dismantling the Landy I started the restoration of the chassis. Extensive welding was needed and several body components had to be replaced. Many parts I made of sheet material and some parts, the rear cross member and one of the side supports I bought ready made. jacked, exactly level ready to remove the rear beam old … Read more

Disassembly (2)

After dismantling the major body parts, of course, there was more rust, so plenty to restore. next action… well dressed… this was for the picture! Some bolts were so rusted that dismantling could only be done with the grinder And then there is ultimately a bare chassis

Disassembly (1)

After eighteen months standstill (some things still had to be done in the house) I started dismantling the Landy in April 2009. Actually I started this whole adventure by downloading and printing the repair operation manual, a good source for this is: www.landroverweb.comI OCR-ed the files so they are searchable, now I can take the manual on the … Read more