Major Maintenance to Milady Landy

It started with just greasing… For the techies among us, I’m interested in whatever someone else needs to do to his/her car while on the road, as you, readers of our blogs, probably also are. After our first adventure in the desert, Omar, our guide during that trip (see The Moroccan Sahara (1)), recommends that … Read more

Visiting Famlily and Friends and a little work to the Car

In the run-up to our trip we visited friends and family in the Netherlands and Belgium. But first we visited Paul van der Beek from PSP ExpeditionCampers to mount an extra roof rail on our lifting roof. The next day we visit Obelink in Winterswijk and buy some missing camping gear. Brother Peter, lives in … Read more

SOLD Milady Landy is for sale

Milady Landy in the Antwerp Harbour

Land Rover 109 old timer; series 3; 1980 (tax free next year); diesel 200(t)di (revised in 2016); 73.578 miles; right hand drive; Completely restored by the current owner. Ready for camping adventures (see extras below). Standard: seats/benches in the back (when the cupboards are not installed) ; lots of space; spare wheel on the rear … Read more

Forced stay in Tabora

view from the hotel, Tabora, Tanzania

After the terrible drive on the Tanzanian Roads we arrive in Tabora on 27th September for the necessary repairs to Milady Landy.Tabora is a busy province town with a crowded market with lots of stands and shops, schools, a university and other conveniences. Supreme Auto Garage, a Toyota-dealer annex garage is also established in the … Read more

Tanzanian roads

Mysteries of an old lady (7) As we drive into Tanzania we take the road to Kigoma, we would like to see the chimpanzees in Gombe National Park. Upto Mpanda the road is fine, with occasionally some potholes and gravel, then the gravel road starts. Several people advised us not to take the road to Kigoma, it seems … Read more