CO2 compensation of our kilometers

We drive with an old diesel car, a Land Rover Defender 130, our Milady Landy. That’s not the most environmentally friendly car, so we decided to compensate for the miles we drive by investing in trees in Uganda. Eco-Friendly Travel I borrowed this title from the ANWB-Kampioen, the article in the Kampioen of July/August 2021 … Read more

How we experienced walking the Pieterpad in 29 days.

From April 4 to May 2, 2021 we, Sonja and Gert Jan walk the Pieterpad, traveling for a month without our Milady Landy, she is parked in Breda. The Pieterpad is the longest long-distance path in the Netherlands from the northern Pieterburen in Groningen to the southern Sint-Pietersberg in Maastricht, Limburg, about 500 km long. … Read more

Zwartenberg Windmill and Polder in the snow

Beautiful snow images of our home base, Etten-Leur, the Netherlands. The Zwartenbergse Molen in the Zwartenbergse polder is beautiful in itself, during the winter it is even more attractive. These are my own unique images, taken with my DJI Mavic Mini drone. It takes some practice, but in the end I am quite satisfied.

Lecture, 6 special months in Morocco

In September we gave a presentation about our journey in and through Morocco, on September 1 and 3 in Etten-Leur and on September 16 in Bergen op Zoom. In total we were able to receive about 130 interested people. They were animated lectures, we, Sonja and Gert Jan, told enthusiastically about our adventures in Morocco, … Read more

la Cathedrale of Tilougite (video)

South of the town of Beni-Melal and the lake of Bin-El-Ouidane, near to the town of Tilouguite, the Michelin map of Morocco indicates “la Cathedrale (rochers)“.We were made curious by this indication on the map and went looking for the Cathedral.It turned out to be a very interesting and rough ride through the Atlas Mountains … Read more