The passionate inspiration of Gutz Foundation

In the days that we have with Suzanne in Dar es Salaam we can enjoy her passionate inspiration for her Gutz Foundation and how she shares it with her surroundings. First we meet Mutta again, he is the hub of Gutz Tanzania in Dar es Salaam. A passionate young man, slightly older than Suus I think, … Read more The passionate inspiration of Gutz Foundation

The dentist in Walvisbay

Unexpectedly I got to know the dentist in Walvis Bay.On Tuesday afternoon 2-8 I bit my crown when eating a sandwich. I had this tooth checked in advance in the Netherlands at the dentist because I sometimes experienced slight pain in that tooth. Unfortunately, my Etten-Leur dentist did not notice anything then. On Wednesday we … Read more The dentist in Walvisbay

In the Paper

We are in the paper! This article was published in the local newspaper BNDeStem (translated below): Also on Milady Landy is ready for the dream trip Etten-Leur inhabitants Sonja van den Berge and Gert Jan ter Haar get into their Land Rover for the adventure of their lives. They are mocked by many a friend, family … Read more In the Paper

How to support Gutz foundation

GUTz (Get Up Tanzania) coordinates the organization of music and theatre events where free HIV-testing and counselling is directly available to the audience. During these events the young generation of Tanzania is motivated to stand up against the taboo around HIV and get up for themselves and their country. In areas with a high HIV … Read more How to support Gutz foundation