About us

We are Sonja and Gert Jan, we have decided to travel full-time, together with our sturdy Land Rover Defender camper.

We are parents of 4 beautiful adult children, Michiel, Suzanne, Gerben and Rindert. We have been in love since April 1, 1981 …

Sonja was originally a Dutch teacher and nowadays the co-driver and sometimes driver of Milady Landy. Sonja fills in our plans, she looks for the beautiful spots on the map or in the Lonely Planet. Sonja provides support for Milady Landy and often does the mise en place with meals, cooks delicious meals and does the dishes. Sonja films on the way.


Gert Jan is originally a civil engineer with a passion for pipelines, water and bridges. He is the driver and mechanic of Milady Landy, takes care of the regular maintenance of the car and repairs on the way, and of Sonja with his creative and tasty cooking. He makes the website, photos and videos.


An impression of how we live in our Milady Landy is here:

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